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Carnegie-Jones Vanguard Alumni Group is open to all graduates of the Vanguard Program from Jones, now Carnegie Vanguard High School.

We in the CVHS PTO are very proud of Carnegie’s alumni. Time and again, we have heard from our graduates that they wanted help staying connected after graduation and networking with other members of this elite group of students.

Our hope is that through this LinkedIn group and revived Vanguardian Alumni page; our alumni will keep in touch and continue to be part of our community.

You have earned it!  

We are very proud of CVHS alumni, and we hope our alumni will keep in touch and continue to be part of the life of our community.

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Jones Vanguard Alumni Page


Jones High School, the former home of the HISD Vanguard program

Jones High School

The HISD Vanguard program was designed to serve the needs of gifted and talented students. From fall 1977 to spring 2002, the HISD High School Vanguard Program was a separate program located at Jesse Jones High School.[6] It is one of the many Magnet schools in HISD designed to attract a diverse ethnicity of students by former HISD Superintendent Billy Regan.

Move to Sunnyside Campus

The reinstatement of Lawrence Allen, the Jones HS principal, who was put in charge of the comprehensive program at Jones, prompted the HISD Vanguard program separation.[7]

Carnegie Vanguard High School opened in August 2002 in the former Carnegie Elementary School building on Scott Street and Airport Boulevard near the Sunnyside neighborhood.[8] Carnegie began its first year as a separate school (2002–2003) with 173 students.[9] The elementary school students who attended Carnegie Elementary were moved to Woodson Middle School, which became the Woodson K-8 School;[10] Woodson now has only elementary grades.[11]

In November 2008, HISD proposed to rebuild Carnegie and Worthing and have the two schools share the same cafeteria. Parents at Worthing accepted the proposal, while parents at Carnegie asked for the proposal to be discontinued due to high violence levels at Worthing.[12][13][14] On December 4, 2008, Abelardo Saavedra, the HISD superintendent at the time, shelved plans of Carnegie and Worthing sharing cafeterias since the proposal had insufficient support from the board of trustees.[15]Carnegie Vanguard High School’s old campus

Fourth Ward campus move

In 2009, the HISD administration proposed relocating Carnegie to the Fourth Ward. District administrators favored the move because students come from across the school district, and the central location would make transportation easier.[16] During that year, the school board approved of the plan.[17] The former Sunnyside Campus has been used for military tactical training by multiple agencies, including the United States Army.[18]

Groundbreaking occurred in May 2011.[19] The current campus opened in August 2012.[20]