Carnegie Vanguard Bell Schedule and other Helpful Parent Resources

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Student Absences – Students must submit a note for every absence within three (3) days of their return to school. A student leaving school early must submit a note to excuse his or her absence from the classes missed that day. Parents, please be aware that picking a student up from school early and signing them out does NOT give the student an excused absence. A parent note must be submitted for all unofficial absences, and students leaving for medical or legal purposes must submit official documentation from the medical, government, or legal office upon their return. If a student goes to a medical office (Doctor, Dentist, or Therapist), court, or a government office (DPS, Social Security, or Immigration Office) and still attends school on the same day; the student will receive an Official code that does not count against their attendance.

If there are any questions, please email Claudia Alvarenga at or call 713-732-3690.

Click here to print an easy-to-use Parent Excuse Note which must be turned in at the front office: Parent Excuse Note