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Welcome Class of 2027!

Welcome Parents, Family, and Friends of The Incoming Carnegie Vanguard High School Class of 2027! It takes a village to raise a child, but at Carnegie, it takes a Crash to make it through. What’s a Crash? Join us and find out about that and more…

Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week Campaign – #CVHSTEACHERS

Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week Is here!

PTO will have a sign in front of the school all week “PTO ❤️ TEACHERS”

Feel free to stop by the sign this week and take a selfie, post it to your social media, tag CVHSPTO, and tell everyone why YOU love our CVHS Faculty & Staff!
Use the #CVHSTEACHERS hashtag on your posts.
Who knows? Maybe the best or most shared post might win some CVHS PTO SWAG?

CVHS PTO Crash Bash Second Chance Auction!!!

Welcome to the Crash Bash Second Chance Auction! Missed out the first time around? Too busy killing it at darts to bid? Or, just a bargain-hunter? Then this Second Chance Auction is...