Thank You, Donors!

Thank you to our 2022-23 Friends and Family Campaign Donors! 

See your name here for 2022-23!  Please donate! You can find additional information here.

CVHS Academic Impresarios ($10,000+)

<See your name here>

CVHS Magnet Models ($5,000+)

<See your name here>

CVHS Learning Champions($2,500+)

The Brown Family
The Batchelor Family
In the Memory of Sushila Subrahmanyan
The Gau Family
Michael & Susan Hawes
The Satchell Family
The Sternfels Family

CVHS Principal’s Circle ($1,000+)

Mr Ramon Moss
The Jotwani Family
Kassam Family
Family Of Yash Semlani
Shilpa & Paresh Patel
 Family of Cristian and Cruz Rodriguez
Adela Nicolae
Family of Kaylee Yang
 Family of Kadiyala
Glenda McNair
The Callahan Family
Caliskan Family
The Beauchamp Family
 Family of Isabel Li
Famille Philippe
Family of Morgan Peden
Civunigunta Family
Family of Grant Go

CVHS Scholars Society($250+)

Family of Isabella Acevedo
Family of Ankit Burudgunte
 Kim’s Family
Family of Ava Z
Family of Sofia Skaria
 Family of Alessandro Fetta
 Family of Syna Nijhawan
 Family of Kamarapu
Family of Aranza Salazar
Family of Anthony Z.
Eunice Chang
Family of Riya Hari
Family of Gokdere
Family of William Larkin
The Knight Family
Family of Audrey Price Piczak
The Barnett family
The Edwards Family
Family of Aviendha & Perrin Calzada
Mathias-Fernandez Family

CVHS Rhino Crash ($25+)

Family of Dey
Family of Bevzenko
Family of Grace Hao
Family of Luke Doudna
The Prechts
Family of Gokdere
Marc Sennewald and Sarah Frazier
Kishore Adhikari
 Siena Rodrigues Family
Family of Catherine H.
Family of Shonn
 Majumder Family
Family of Jallad

THANK YOU for your support!