PTO Committees

Short summaries of PTO committees. Detailed descriptions are found in Appendix A of the Bylaws

Alumni Relations Committee (President)
This committee works with the administration to identify alumni and keep a database of alumni so alumni can be contacted on behalf of CVHS and the CVHS PTO.

Business Development/GATE Campaign Committee (First Vice President Chairs)
This committee meets with faculty and staff to identify the broad and long-term needs of CVHS.
The committee focuses on long-term investments, grant writing, mentor programs, corporate gift matching programs, and business partnerships.
This committee also compiles teachers’ wish lists, assesses the priority of needs for materials, and makes recommendations for procurement to the Executive Board.
The First Vice President automatically chairs this committee.

College Information Programs Committee (Liaison: Third Vice President)
This committee works with the college counselors and school administration to organize, publicize and
host events throughout the school year that provide information to students about college financial aid,
college preparatory testing, college applications, and recruitment visits.

Communications Committee (Liaison: Second Vice President)
This committee informs the membership of upcoming events, school information, and PTO meetings
through various means, including email, social media, and the PTO website.
A committee member serves as Internal Communications Chair for the purpose of maintaining the email network system and transmitting group membership emails.
A committee member serves as Webmaster for the purpose of establishing and maintaining the PTO website.
Other committee members oversee other forms of social media as needed.
The Second Vice President automatically chairs this committee.

Facilities Development Committee (Liaison: First Vice President)
This committee organizes school landscaping workdays and suggests general exterior campus
improvements. It works with the faculty and administration to implement suggestions and identify other
needed physical resources for classrooms and campus grounds.

Faculty/Staff Appreciation Committee (Liaison: Third Vice President)
This committee plans, recruits volunteers and coordinates faculty/staff appreciation events
during the school year, with a minimum of three events.
This committee helps with the planning and distribution of the classroom supply drive in the fall.

Fundraising Sales Committee (Liaison: First Vice President)
This committee coordinates ongoing fundraising sales activities, including food sales on campus and
incentive programs with area merchants, and presents a fundraising plan as part of the annual PTO budget.

Membership/Directory Committee (Liaison: Third Vice President)
This committee prepares new member information packets, collects registration forms, keeps a record of
registered members, and serves as an information source for recruiting volunteers for committees and
events. This committee is also responsible for overseeing the school directory, whether online or in paper format.

External Publicity Committee (Liaison: President)
This committee helps the school’s staff keep HISD, the Houston Chronicle, various neighborhood
publications, and CVHS social media aware of student and faculty achievements and activities. (Amended by Board vote 6/16/07)
This committee also keeps CVHS parents and administration aware of HISD activities and delegates a member or members to attend school board meetings and any other meeting called by HISD that affects CVHS.

Recruiting and Welcome Events Committee (Liaison: Fourth Vice President)
This committee works with the school administration to provide refreshments, tour guides, and other
assistance during Magnet Awareness in the fall and helps to coordinate any Magnet events held on campus.
This committee also works with the administration to assist as requested with Fish Camp, the off-campus weekend orientation held for incoming freshmen students in August of each year.
This committee works with the administration to organize welcome and PTO registration for parents during student registration and a meet-and-greet event for parents during Fish Camp.

Scholarship Committee (Liaison: President)
Each year the PTO awards one or more scholarship (s) to graduating senior(s) who have attended CVHS
for a minimum of two years and whose parent, legal guardian, or caretaker is a member in good standing
of the PTO. This committee distributes scholarship applications to qualified candidates, reviews submitted applications, interviews the candidate, and selects the recipient(s) who are announced at the Spring Celebration Banquet.

School Spirit Sales Committee (Liaison: First Vice President)
This committee selects and orders school spirit items such as T-shirts, sweatshirts, bumper stickers and
other novelties to be sold.
The committee plans sales and coordinates publicity with the administration and the Communications Committee.

Social and Auction Committee (Liaison: Fourth Vice President)
This committee organizes adult functions open to families, friends, faculty, and alumni of CVHS.
The committee solicits the item donations for the live and silent auctions, plans the location and date of the event, produces and mails invitations, publicizes the event, sells tickets, arranges for the food and auction item displays, produces the auction catalog, and conducts the auction at the event.
The committee may decide that some type of fundraising event other than an auction is appropriate, but this committee would still plan and manage the function or functions.

Spring Celebration Banquet Committee (Liaison: Fourth Vice President)
This committee organizes the end-of-year awards banquet, which is usually held in late April or early
May. The banquet is open to all students and their families.
The committee sets the location and date of the event, produces and mails invitations, sells tickets, plans the program in conjunction with the faculty, and arranges for the food and decorations.

Class Representatives
One or more parent representatives from each class of students attending CVHS are recommended by
the Nominating Committee to serve for a one-year term to coincide with the PTO membership year. Representatives may be appointed for successive one-year terms if they wish to follow the class they are serving.
Each representative works with students in the given class as well as faculty members and staff to plan for and carry out special class events, fundraising projects, celebrations, and outings as approved by the students and administration.
If more than one parent representative serves a given class, the representatives choose one among them to communicate with the Third Vice President as the Executive Board liaison.
(Amended by Board vote 6/16/07)

Shared Decision Making Committee (SDMC)
The Shared Decision Making Committee (SDMC) is the formal committee that discusses major issues
related to the school. The SDMC is an HISD-required committee to which the PTO nominates parent representatives.
The SDMC is chaired by the CVHS school principal and made up of faculty and staff
representatives as well as parent, business, and community representatives.
Two parent representatives are recommended by the Nominating Committee and appointed by the principal to serve a one-year
The President serves as the Executive Board liaison with these parent representatives.

Special Committees 

  1. Special committees may be created by the Executive Board as required. 
  2. The chairs of these committees shall be selected by the Vice-President for Volunteers and Membership, approved by the Executive Board, and shall serve for the life of the committee or for the term otherwise specified by the President or the Executive Board. 
  3. When a committee co-chair is needed, the president or the 3rd vice-president may nominate a co-chair, and the executive board then votes to approve that co-chair. 
  4. A list of any special committees established by the President or the Executive Board shall be attached to these Bylaws as part of Appendix A and shall be modified by the President or the Executive Board as necessary from time to time without requiring amendment of these Bylaws.