CVHS PTO Volunteer Opportunities       

Click on the buttons below to volunteer for one of the many opportunities we have to serve the CVHS community, or email volunteers@cvhspto.org. You will need to be approved through the VIPS system BEFORE you may volunteer at CVHS.

As per HISD GKG1 Policy, all HISD schools are required to use the VIPS/RAPTOR Volunteer Management system to track volunteers who are regularly providing services for, or on behalf of, HISD. Being a volunteer may require you to volunteer for a single trip or event, on the premises of District property or at a school-sponsored or school-related activity on or off school property.  

You will be required to register online each school year in the VIPS/RAPTOR online application and agree to the annual background check. All volunteers must pass an annual criminal background check before volunteering at any HISD school. HISD reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to refuse and/or restrict an individual’s access as an HISD volunteer based on an individual’s criminal history, in accordance with applicable law and HISD policy, including HISD Policy GKG.


HISD Volunteer Registration

Click this link and follow the new volunteer registration steps (click “Next Page” between each step):

  1. Enter your information exactly as it is shown on your official ID (e.g., driver’s license),
  2. Select “Carnegie Vanguard High School” under High Schools,
  3. Select your affiliation to the school and volunteer functions/organizations, and
  4. Agree to the terms and submit.

Following your successful registration, you will be able to join the on-campus Carnegie community and/or volunteer on any HISD campus for which you successfully registered.

Committee Service: Opportunities to take on a leadership role in the CVHS PTO.

We have many opportunities for leadership, either via chairing a Committee or other leadership positions. If you want to help plan PTO events, services, and fundraisers, you can join one of our many committees. For brief committee summaries, see here. For the official descriptions, see the PTO Bylaws here.

Volunteer Opportunities at CVHS

Teacher Appreciation Lunches
Set up and serve food during monthly events honoring teachers and staff or donate desserts and fruit to be served at the event.

Magnet Tours
Tours are held weekly, during the day, and throughout the fall. Accompany student-led tours and answer questions from prospective students and parents. You’ll get the opportunity to sign up for any tour individually, making it convenient to work around your schedule. Magnet tours will be different this year, but we will still need parent help.

Event Planning
Help with planning the donor breakfast, Fall Social and Spring Social.

Event Volunteers
Work various jobs at the Fall Social, Spring Social, or Staff Breakfast.

Senior Class Parents
Oversee fundraising activities to help set off the expenses incurred during their senior events. Long-term commitment.

Senior Awards Committee
Review applications in the spring and select awardees.

Friends and Family Campaign
Assist with annual fundraising campaign: send thank you notes, and make sure donors are recognized. It helps to have some experience with charitable organizations.

Corporate Sponsorships
Can you ask your employer to support CVHS?

Community Donations
Can you help CVHS find in-kind donations?

Financial Audit Committee
Short-term Commitment in the Fall

Keep me informed of other opportunities as they occur.

Click on the buttons AT THE TOP to volunteer for one of the many opportunities we have to serve the CVHS community, or email volunteers@cvhspto.org. You will need to be approved through the VIPS system BEFORE you may volunteer at CVHS.

Lunch Sales
2-hour commitment one day/month- Set up and sell food from an outside vendor during school lunch period – Suspended during COVID, NOT YET ALLOWED AGAIN, SEE HISD 22-23 “WELCOME BACK” GUIDELINES, PAGE 11:

“Competitive food sales — food sold by schools, parent
groups, booster clubs, and outside vendors — continue to
be prohibited.” -HISD 2022-2023 BACK-TO-SCHOOL GUIDELINES PAGE 11