CVHS PTO Volunteer Opportunities       

To sign up as a committee member, contact the respective committee chair listed below, or volunteers@cvhspto.org.

You can also sign up directly for volunteer spots using the links below.

Staff Appreciation Lunch

Lunch Sales

Magnet Tours

For brief committee summaries see here. For the official descriptions see the PTO Bylaws here.

HISD Volunteer Registration

Click this link and follow the new volunteer registration steps (click “Next Page” between each step):

  1. Enter your information exactly as it is shown on your official ID (e.g. driver’s license),
  2. Select “Carnegie Vanguard High School” under High Schools,
  3. Select your affiliation to the school and volunteer functions/organizations, and
  4. Agree to the new terms and submit.

With this new system you are asked to enter your driver’s license number online (if available). You no longer need to take your ID to Carnegie to volunteer.

Note that showing your license for volunteering is not the same as showing license for visiting. For visiting, your license is run through RAPTOR, a sex offender database, on the spot. For volunteering, your license is used by HISD for a criminal background check. The background check takes up to two weeks to complete.  It must be repeated every year.

Following that, you will be able to join in the on-campus Carnegie community and/or volunteer on any HISD campus for which you successfully registered.


President’s Group:

President, Michelle Maislin

SDMC Representatives: OPEN

Financial Review Committee: OPEN

Nominating Committee: OPEN, selected in the early spring 2019

Treasurer’s Group:

Treasurer, Ekaterine Khmaladze

Faculty/Staff Appreciation, Teacher Supply Purchases, Srikanth Ranganathan and Aparna Vaidyanathan

Coffee Bar Purchasing & Receipts, OPEN

1st VP’s Group:

1st VP, Jacqueline Keus

Business Development/GATE Committee Chair, OPEN

Friends and Family Campaign Committee Chair, OPEN

Corporate Donations Committee Chair, OPEN

Facilities Support Committee Chair, OPEN

Food Sales Committee Co-Chairs, Susan Hawes & OPEN

Socials Events Sales Committee Chair, OPEN

Spirit Sales/School Store Committee Chair, OPEN

2nd VP’s Group:

2nd VP, Nisha Lobo

Communications Committee Chair, Nisha Lobo

Communications – Newsletter/Social Media, JJ Lassberg

Communications – Webmaster, Elaine Britt

Membership/Directory Committee Chair, Susan Moreno

Publicity Committee Chair, OPEN

3rd VP’s Group:

3rd VP, Rachana Palacharla

College Information Programs Committee Chairs, OPEN

Faculty/Staff Appreciation Committee Chair, Luncheons, OPEN

Magnet/Welcome/Summer Events Committee Chair, OPEN

Rhino Parents Networking Chair, OPEN

Scholarship Committee Chair, OPEN

Class of 2019 Representative: TBD

Class of 2020 Representative: TBD

Class of 2021 Representative: TBD

Class of 2022 Representative:  TBD

Student Clubs Representative: TBD

Other Executive Board:

Secretary, Reva Mohapatra

Parliamentarian, Tonya Knauth

Teacher Representative, Heather Hill

Principal, ex-officio, Ramon Moss