CVHS PTO Volunteer Opportunities       

To sign up as a committee member, click on the button below to volunteer for one of the many opportunities we have to serve the CVHS community, or email volunteers@cvhspto.org.

For brief committee summaries see here. For the official descriptions see the PTO Bylaws here.

HISD Volunteer Registration

Click this link and follow the new volunteer registration steps (click “Next Page” between each step):

  1. Enter your information exactly as it is shown on your official ID (e.g., driver’s license),
  2. Select “Carnegie Vanguard High School” under High Schools,
  3. Select your affiliation to the school and volunteer functions/organizations, and
  4. Agree to the terms and submit.

Following your successful registration, you will be able to join in the on-campus Carnegie community and/or volunteer on any HISD campus for which you successfully registered.


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