Special Information for Parents of Seniors, May 13, 2021
 Hello parents and families of seniors.  Several important updates about end-of-year:
 Graduation News:  18 Tickets Per Student!
 Each CVHS student will receive eighteen (18) tickets and five (5) parking passes for graduation. Additional information is forthcoming from HISD regarding the ticket distribution process, which is still in development.
 Other End-of-Year Events:
 Seniors have voted to host a non-school-affiliated formal event on Saturday June 5. No further information about this event will be communicated from this channel; instead students will receive information from the Senior Student Committee.
 Senior Sunset will take place on the garage rooftop on Friday June 11 in the evening.
 Silent Auction for Front Row Reserved Seats for Graduation:
 Ready to see your child graduate upfront without getting to Delmar Stadium hours before the ceremony? Then reserve six (6) up-front seats for you and your loved ones! This auction benefits the CVHS PTO, so please support your school and be front and center for your child's graduation!
 A very simple registration is all that is needed to bid:
 You will receive an email to validate, and then you may bid.
 Note that the Dyer Stadium/Delmar Field layout for graduation is not yet set, but we expect students to be on the floor of the field, and parents and other attendees to be in the bleachers. The seats will be front row as close to the event as feasible, given the venue and any restrictions.
 Payment for the auction will preferably be via check made out to "CVHS PTO" - if you prefer to pay via credit card, we can arrange payment via PayPal (the PayPay service fee of +2.5% will be added to any PayPal payments).
 Thank you for supporting your PTO!  Bidding closes at 6pm on June 6.
 Any questions, please contact Julie Fette at fette@rice.edu
 Saturday, June 12, 2021, at 8:00 PM
 Dyer Stadium @ Delmar Field
 2020 Mangum Road, Houston, TX 77092
 Graduate Yard Signs:
 Please pick up your free graduate yard sign! Contact senior committee or Ms. Davis-Owen so you can share your celebratory months with your family and neighbors. 
 For families wanting a second senior sign (the first one is complimentary), we have a handful of extra signs for sale at a price of $10. Please limit one additional sign per family to allow others to take advantage of this offer as well.  To reserve your second sign, there is a 2-step process.
 First, reserve the sign on Signup Genius:
 Second, pay for the sign here:

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