Holiday Bucket List

As the holiday approached I found myself making a mental to do list for my teen:

  1. Get on that Eagle Scout project;
  2. Finish the remaining Eagle required badges;
  3. Finish driver’s ed;
  4. Narrow the “possible colleges list”;
  5. Plan a tour of the “possible colleges” for spring break and summer;
  6. Complete the online ACT prep course;
  7. Knock out some of the TPSP project;
  8. Spend some time with your grandmother;
  9. Thin out the bamboo in the backyard; and
  10. Clean your room.

Surely he could do all that in two weeks, right? Maybe, but then I took a look at him. He is frazzled on the edges. He needs a break. We all need a break. So, I decided to let him pick three from the list, just three, whichever three he wants. He will be mostly on his own in a year-and-a-half. Some guidance required, but he should start making the decisions. And, the best part- my holiday will not be a bit freer too. I see some pulp science fiction in my future.
Enjoy the season!
Angela Standridge

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