Happy New Year!

The January PTO General Meeting: WOW!

Happy New Year CVHS parents, students and teachers. I hope you all had a restful holiday. 

We started the New Year with a fabulous panel of CVHS alumni sharing their college experiences with us. Much of the discussion focused on typical college questions like “How did you pick your school?, How to pick a major, Pointers for success, what was easy/hard/surprising, integrating into social life, Tips for getting into your college of choice, etc.”. Very practical and enlightening information that everyone needed to hear. Toward the end of the discussion, a bright young pre-med student who is currently attending Baylor brought up a more troubling topic: the consumption of alcohol on college campuses and that parents should prepare their children for what was to come. Suggestions such as knowing the signs of alcohol poisoning, dealing with peer pressure, awareness of risky behaviors and poor judgment that often accompany consumption of alcohol were shared. Every student on the panel was in agreement on this and added that many of the students at CVHS are somewhat sheltered and therefore may be at even higher risk. I could tell from audience response that this was the first time to think about this for many parents. It was an excellent message to hear. I will leave you some resources I have found valuable:

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