Bs and Cs are Okay. Really.

Recently, on the “new building” CVHS Facebook page, there was a post pleading for survival tips for freshmen. It could have easily been tips for sophomores, juniors and seniors too. 

After perusing the 53 comments, here was my takeaway:

  1. Organization. If it is not a built in talent, use technology, study buddies, low tech paper systems, whatever to compensate.
  2. Life balance. There is a LOT of homework at CVHS, but you must have some down time/social time/self time, or you will go crazy; and
  3. Don’t freak out about it. Your student might get a B, or a C, or worse, or not have the prefect paper. In the big scheme of things, it is not the end of the world. I am pushing the mid century mark and no one has every called me down for the very low B (would have been a C without the extra credit assignment!) I received in computer science my sophomore year in college. It has not affected one job interview, promotion or relationship. Ever.

I attended a parent TAGT conference once and the speaker suggested not telling a G/T child to “do your best,” because for a G/T child, their best is perfect and you can never get to perfect. In fact when some G/T students get it “perfect,” they still are not happy with the end product. The speaker instead suggested discussing the process of how the student completed the task. So instead of “You did a great job on your water color!” try “How did you get the blues and greens to blend like that?” Instead of “Excellent grades on your report card!” try “What study skills did you use in AP French? That really seemed to work for you. Where else can you apply that kind of preparation?”

Keep Calm and Parent On!

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