Where did my donation go?


2016-2017 Fundraising 


The future Pavilion Amphitheater Cover


This academic year, 2016-2017, we allocated an additional $25,000 towards the funding needed for the Pavilion.   The PTO had raised $75,000 through past gifts towards the funding needed so that we can make the Pavilion amphitheater cover (pictured above) a reality.  The Pavillion was part of the original school design but was left out when the school was constructed.   The Pavillion will provide all students a wonderful place for lunch, gathering, and educational activities. We are now in the process of arranging to move the project forward.


Ongoing support of the school, teachers, students, and families.  

The purposes of the PTO are to provide a support group for CVHS students, promote social and cultural opportunities for CVHS students, improve the CVHS school environment, and foster further development of the gifted and talented program at CVHS.   Most of our spending budget goes to these terrific causes:

  • Events, Honoraria, School Clubs, and College Scholarships
  • Campus Beautification, Maintenance, and Improvements
  • Teacher Appreciation, Development, and Support

To make a donation go here.    We recognize our donors here.    If you have questions, please contact fundraising@cvhspto.org.